File Prep Instructions

**File Prep Instructions must be followed in order to insure order accuracy. We will not be held responsible for inaccurate print jobs if the prep steps have not been followed. Your projects turnaround time can be delayed for inaccurate file prep. We can provide templates at your request. If you have further questions please call to avoid delay. **

File Types: PDF is our preferred file type. We will also accept jpeg, eps, tiff, ai, and psd files.

All Fonts must be outlines and images embedded.

Images: Your files will need to be created at 300 dpi from start to finish at full size(artwork built at any other scale such as 1/2 scale must be adjusted( ie:1/2 scale 600dpi) , as files with less than 300dpi will be placed on hold for new files and will slow down turnaround time.

Color Mode: All designs must be started and finished in CMYK color mode. As RGB will cause color shift and you may be unsatisfied with the final product.

Using spot colors is the only way we can guarantee the same out come for your printed materials. We have 10%-15% variation for process colors.

Bleed: All files are with bleed are required to allow for 1/8″ all the way around the artwork. If your file is 3×5 than your document size should be 3.25×5.25 with bleed. Please include crops on eps and pdf files, but no registration or printer marks.

Transparency: The best way to avoid transparency issues is to not use shadows, glows or other transparency effects on top of a spot color. Always convert spot colors with transparencies to CMYK and flatten before sending.

Spot UV, Foil, Die Cut: Please include vector format file. You must include a separate file for effects printing. You may use layers to provide these effects. You will need to have a layer for full color and one for spot uv, foil, or die cut. One layer will contain all full color print and should be called “Print” and the other layer will contain areas that need spot uv, foil or die cut and be named appropriately according to effect applied.. These areas should be 100% black.

You must provide two separate files for double-sided prints. A front and a back file.

Rich black CMYK values should be: C-60%, M-40%, Y-40%, and K-100%

To insure your blues do not turn out purple please keep a 30% difference between Cyan and Magenta. ie: C-100%, M-70%, Y-0%, K-0%.

Silver Ink: Must be in vector format (Illustrator, Indesign). You must use Pantone 877c as a spot color on areas you would like to be silver.

Export PDF as Press Quality.

Please Flatten Photoshop Artwork.

Please keep all text at least 1/8″ from cut line.

Banners should be created to the exact size for your printing needs. No Bleed. No Crops. At least 150 dpi.